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The idea of Al Razzaq foundation was initially conceived by Dr Shamshad Alam, a renowned Unani physician, philanthropist, and an earnest social worker as well. Hence, as he wanted to rid the Muslim society of ill-health, educational and cultural backwardness and to alleviate poverty, thus the constitution of Al Razzaq foundation is being carried out.

A bunch of professionals from different strata of life, driven by the social conscience, came together with a cherished aim of serving the Indian Muslims. Besides, the effort is also to boost the social, educational, economic and cultural status of them.

Every effort and movement is backed by well thought set of underlying aims and objectives. Thus, in this case too, Al-Razzaq Memorial Trust has bunch of well determined aims and eternal objectives, which are as highlighted below:

  • To establish, maintain and run Educational, Vocational and Technical Institutes in various parts of the country whether it be urban, rural or backward areas and or to provide financial assistance and other facilities to such institutions/activities.
  • To promote education among the minorities and establish modern educational institutions so that the young generation of communities can face the challenges and can compete with other on job which would consequently help in making India a more developed nation.
  • To organize awareness programmes on the subject of health hazards such as harmful effect of use of tobacco and its products, effect of pollution on the health and the effect of radiations of different electronics products on the human beings.
  • To promote harmonious understanding and promote equal respect for all religions, cultures, races and ideologies and for that purposes to arrange cultural exchange programmes, seminars, tours etc. and establish, manage, maintain and run spiritual co-operative societies and to organize seminars on inter cultural understanding .
  • To conduct classes, workshops, seminars for training of health workers of and teachers.
  • To conduct sessions and seminars for parents especially of new born babies for training in nutrition and health of children.
  • To organize and prepare training material for training of trainers engaged in programs related to community development.
  •  To establish and maintain healthcare centres, dispensaries and Hospitals anywhere in the India.
  • To establish Counselling & Psychotherapy centres to treat people suffering from mental illnesses or psychological disorders of thoughts / feelings / behaviour and to help people in improving mental control & functioning for a better life
  • To work for improvement of women and the area of health and education.
  • To prepare audio-visual material for effective health and education strategies and to devise methodologies to interested institutions, schools, organizations and individuals.
  • To establish documentation centres with library facilities so as to support and further the related activities of the trust.
  • To establish and maintain research fellowships, stipends, prizes, loans etc, to persons working in the area of social development,
  • Promote setup assist support institution and establish pilot centres/projects for the implementation of the above mentioned objectives.
  • To initiate additional efforts as are incidental to or further the attainment of the aims and objectives stated above.
  • To create awareness about Islamic ethos and history by establishing education centres including madrasas, providing free education to the poor children.
  • To assist in the creation of an ethical society based on tolerance, universal brotherhood, love and charity to achieve the object of Constitution of India.
  • To promote mutual understanding, appreciation and amity between the people of India and those of the Islamic world through a mutual exchange of thoughts and ideas.
There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. No one has ever become poor by giving. May your charity increase as much as your wealth.
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Dr Shamshad Alam
ARM Trust in field of Education


Providing the quality education to every child from weaker sections of society, has been the main motto of ARM Trust. The foundation has been providing necessary scholarships and stipends to meritorious candidates



Consultation camps are organized in Villages and Urban areas to maintain a sound health and practicing ways to control the spread of germs are highlighted.



Promote harmonious understanding and equal respect for all religions, cultures, races and ideologies and for that purposes ARM Trust arrange cultural exchange programmes, seminars, tours to run spiritual co-operative societies.

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ARM Trust enhance the social respect and dignity of Indian Muslims and to improve their national identity. Besides, We inculcate the familiarity of Indian constitution and various rights which it guarantees to its citizens.