Turning ideas into action.

We are here to serve you better and thus it has been our motto that we aim at serving the needy, suppressed, suffered and sick in every way possible so as to help them recover and rehabilitate quickly. Thus, in this regard, we are contemplating the following line of action:

a). Organizing free Health check-ups,

b).Organizing public seminars and to distribute pamphlets regarding precautions to avoid spread of diseases and other life-threatening infections.

Camps for comprehensive healthcare:The founding members of Al-Razzaq Memorial Trust have harboured intense desire to take quality healthcare to the marginalized as well as to those hailing from weaker section of the society. Proper healthcare is crucial for the society but as the standard healthcare comes at a considerable price and hence as those living below poverty line can hardly afford it, thus the Al Razzaq Memorial Trust have disembarked on a plan to provide useful healthcare to marginalized section of society by organizing health camps where doctors carry out check-ups and medicines are being distributed free of cost too.

Healthcare in April:Thus, in same league the first such health check-up camp was coordinated in Laxmi Nagar’s Get Well Clinic at KishanKunj area, in the month of April in 2013.

Healthcare in May:  Again, in the following month of May, there were held several camps across Delhi and the most noticeable at Get Well Clinic, in KishanKunj area of Laxmi Nagar, Delhi -92. Free health check-up was carried and medicines worth thousands of rupees were distributed free of cost. But this time, stress was also laid on providing preventive tips so as to minimize infection and to adopt healthy lifestyle to check the menace of disease causing germs. Again, as on 19th May,2013, relief camp was also organized at SanjeevniClinic,Gali no 9,  Ramesh Park, Delhi-10092 and where above mentioned healthcare activities were carried out.

Thus, the community members were happy at such quality medical facility and encouraging feedback was received at the trust office. Moreover, after hearing such a devotional account of the trust’s activities, funds were poured in by the well-off residents of the Ramesh Park area. Such healthcare efforts were coordinated by Dr.ShamshadAlam mainly who is also the chief trustee of the Al Razzaq Memorial organization.

Health Check up in June:Again, in the month of June 2013, the free healthcare check-up was arranged at Sanjeevni Clinic, Ramesh Park, Laxmi Nagar and more than 150 slum dwellers were attended to. This camp was coordinated by Dr JawaidParvez and by Dr ShamshadAlam and services included blood-glucose test, thyroid test, Lipid profile test and haemoglobin test, other than the general healthcare.

The salient features of the camp are:

a).the general health check-up, 

b).kidney and liver test,

c).Lipid profile check,

d).Thyroid test,

e).Blood- Glucose test, and

f).Haemoglobin Test,

Health Check Up by Alrazzaq Memorial
free health checkup for women by Alrazzaq Trust
Free health checkup organised by ARM trust

Recently, as on Dec 30, team Al Razzaq Memorial Trust went to camps where Muzaffar Nagar riot hit victims have been subsisting. It was indeed deplorable to witness their plight and that too in such a chilling cold. The trust members organized a one day health check-up at camps and also distributed medicines and cash worth Rs2000 to each family.

Thus, for the years 2014-15, the AlRazzaq memorial Trust has planned to organize several healthcare relief efforts and it has also been decided that 2-3 camps would regularly be arranged in slums as well as in community centres to attend to the poor and suppressed citizens. And thus, we look forward to community members to join hands with Al Razzaq Memorial Trust to serve the neglected section of community in well-organized way.

Child health care by ARM trust
Free Medication by Alrazzaq Memorial trust