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Our Work

The earnest mission of the organization has been the fact that Muslim society needs to be uplifted in every dimension for the overall development of the country. Hence, the notion that education is the main weapon and has been the only source through which development can be achieved, can hardly be argued as education is the light by which miserable lives can easily be illuminated. Quality education leaves a profound impact upon the minds of the people and it thus causes a drastic shift in popular attitude towards social evils and community sufferings. Our country logically falls in the category of developing countries and thus, for the purpose of seeking all round development, we must carry-out desired all round development through the best use of effective education and training. During the British rule and especially after the revolt of 1857, Muslims suffered heavily in all aspects and in education too but soon after the independence, the lot has received a massive educational promotion. Therefore, to carry forward the torch of modern education, the Al-Razzaq Memorial Trust has taken up the cudgel to educate Muslims and SC / STs too.

Muslims and weaker sections of the society remain aloof of the good education, due to several factors and some of them are mentioned below:

  • For seeking quality education, children are sent to traditional madrasas and maktabas and not in any other modern place,
  • Girls are withdrawn from higher secondary level, owing to conservative perception towards girls education,
  • Among Muslims, stress is given on religious education while modern education and skill should be imparted too,
  • Poor Muslims in rural areas are unable to send their kids to good schools, due to high fees and other expenses,
  • Children are placed in petty jobs in homes and in farms or factories as they are expected to earn a living while their still being a kids,
  • Poor training conditions in schools and improper teaching atmosphere in government schools,

Therefore, in order to ensure proper upliftment of Indian Muslims and thereby to make them a true contributor towards national development, Al Razzaq Memorial trust has come up with the following points of service:

  • To spread true understanding of Islam and the Holy Quran,
  • To make people familiar about the importance of modern education and skill,
  • To ensure social and political awareness and the impact of both in our lives,
  • To set up educational  and training centres for Muslims and for other weaker sections of the society,
  • Women empowerment and  women upliftment among Muslims as she  is the main source of healthy and prosperous family,
  • To spread computer based modern education and to lay stress upon English language of learning as well.