Education has been considered as the most important factor in the development of society and also for the overall progress of the country. Thus, keeping this feature into consideration, the government of India has enacted the Right To Education and has also prohibited the child labour so that the children of the nation could seek proper education and training. But as matter of fact, the child labour has proved to be harder to implement than said and likewise impoverished educational skills can hardly be sought owing to poor economic conditions. Though, there have been several efforts from the government side, but eventually there are felt inadequate resources, funds and occasional sluggish response from the local administration.

Education has been passage through which glory, acclaim, elegance and prosperity can be achieved easily and without it one can never refine and promote himself in any aspect of life. As per renowned English philosopher Sir Francis Bacon, he said “Knowledge is Power” and hence seeking quality education is a necessity and every child of India should be awarded with this.

Al-Razzaq memorial trust in field of education
Al-Razzaq Memorial Trust in field of education
Al-Razzaq Memorial Trust in field of minority education

Islamic View: From Islamic point of view, there has been an exclusive call for seeking proper education and training and it has been termed as special obligation on part of every Muslim to seek proper education. Even the first word of the Quran is “IQRA” which refers to study! Seek knowledge! Educate yourselves! Be educated. In other words, an uneducated person is termed as the mere wanderer who walks in profuse darkness aimlessly. Therefore, if Muslims of the subcontinent are properly equipped with modern education then they too can easily pursue easy pathways which can lead them to eventual success, affluence, and immense boom in life.

Thus, providing the quality education to every child of Muslims and other weaker sections of society, has also been the main motto of Al-Razzaq Memorial Trust. The foundation has been providing necessary scholarships and stipends to meritorious candidates and has also been supplying useful books and study material to them. Moreover, acclaimed teachers and skilful trainers are hired to educate the Muslims free of charge. Besides, minimal charges are levied for other significant services.

Moreover, women education and girl training have been the other significant aspects to which, Trust has immensely been active in. Thus, we wish  to train women and girls, not only in the field of education but in equipping them with needful skills, such as courses in sewing, tailoring,  computer literacy, beautician and so on.