Because Your Life Matters.

Health, Education and Employment have been the 3 main pillars of a strong economy. Thus, on this page, it is attempted to highlight the series of incentives taken by the Al Razzaq Memorial Trust so as to improve the health of weaker section of Indian society.

In India, the following have been the commonly recorded health issues:

a). Malnutrition: It refers to the scenario whereby kids are fed with food of sub-standard quality and thus, if the youngsters are not provided sufficient nutrients then it would surely hamper their mental and physical growth. Hence, poor minds will give lead to masses with little education and conscience and thus there will be difficulty in progress and development.

b).Women Health: A woman is the eternal source of a family. In other words, strong the woman, the healthy would then be the family. But due to lack of proper awareness, there are social cum health issues associated with Indian women these days. For instance, malnutrition, AIDS and other STD diseases, breast cancer, domestic violence have all been the problems associated with the women of today’s India.

c).Sanitation Concerns: Poor sanitation gives rise to scores of health problems. In other words, if the excreta and hands are not washed away with bacteria killing soap, then it is an open invite to scores of other health problems as bacteria will give rise to numerous of harmful diseases.

Health Check Up by Alrazzaq Memorial
Health Check Up by Dr Shamshad Alam
Free health check up by Dr Shamshad Alam and his ally organised by ARM trust

Thus, taking concerns from all above mentioned social and health issues, Al Razzaq Memorial Trust members have been taking several of steps in ridding the society from such problems by creating awareness about such issues. Thus, for the purpose, consultation camps are organized from time to time in slums and in city areas too and the need for maintaining a sound health and practicing ways to control the spread of germs are highlighted in such public gatherings. Moreover, lady doctors would check the women and useful consultation and medicines are distributed as a freebie.